Assam Direct Recruitment 2022 Grade III 

Important Questions

Who was the only Assamese to take part in the historic Dandi March? 

Liladhar Baruah

Who was known as “Vikramaditya” of Kamrup


The Phulaguri uprising of the Phulaguri area in the Nagaon district took place in the year


During whose reign Kachari kingdom was entirely captured by Ahoms?

Rudra Singha

Who was the first Ahom Emperor to assume the Hindu title Swarga Naranaraya?


Who was the Ahom king when Mir Jumla invaded Assam?

Jayadhwaj Singha

When Srimanta Sankardeva fled the Ahom kingdom he was given shelter by?


During which dynasty Madan Kamdev temple was built?

Pala Dynasty

By what popular name is Shyed Shah Milan known in Assam?

Ajan Fakir

Who wrote Prahlada Charitra?

Hem Saraswati

The first Assamese Sonet book Malach was written by?

Hiteshwar Borborah

Who led the fist notable revolt against British in Assam?

Gumadhar Konwar

Which historian came along with Mir Jumla?

Shiabuddin Talish

The first Assamese daily newspaper Batori was published from?


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