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50+ Assam GK for Competitive Exams: Important Assam General Knowledge Questions for Competitive Exam

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50+ Assam GK for Competitive Exams

Hello aspirants, here we have compiled some of the most important and most exam centric GK Assam questions. We have divided these questions into four major parts, namely,

  • Assam History General Knowledge
  • Assam Art & Culture General Knowledge
  • Assam Geography General Knowledge
  • Assam Polity General Knowledge

All the five GK sections contain 10 questions each and each GK Assam question contains four options and among them only one is correct. The option marked bold is the correct option.

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Note: If you find any mistakes or have any suggestions regarding the quality of the questions, please feel free to leave a comment down below stating your query.

Let’s begin!

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Assam History General Knowledge:

  1. Who among the following was the first king of ancient Assam?

(a) Mahiranga

(b) Prithu

(c) Narakasura

(d) Ghatakasura

2. The capital of Salastambha dynasty was

(a) Harupeswar (now Tezpur)

(b) Kundil Nagar

(c) Pragjyotishpur

(d) Kamatapur

3. The Battle of Saraighat (1671) took place during the reign of

(a) Udayaditya Singha

(b) Paramatta Singha

(c) Jayadhaj Singha

(d) Paratap Singha

4. Which Ahom King introduced the post Barbaruah?

(a) Suhungmung

(b) Suklengpha

(c) Gadadhar Singha

(d) Pratap Singha

5. Who was the first king of Chutiya kingdom?

(a) Dharnapal

(b) Birpal

(c) Nityapal

(d) Jayadhajpal

6. Which among the following was the first Barphukan of Ahom Kingdom?

(a) Lachit

(b) Badan Chandra

(c) Kalia Bhumura

(d) Langi Panisiya

7. The Kareng Ghar was built during the reign of which Ahom king?

(a) Rudra Singha

(b) Pratap Singha

(c) Paramatta Singha

(d) Rajeshwar Singha

8. Who was the last independent Ahom king?

(a) Purandar Singha

(b) Suklengmung

(c) Jayadhaj Singha

(d) Gadadhar Singha

9. Sati Joymoti Divas is observed on

(a) 27 November

(b) 27 April

(c) 27 March

(d) 27 February

10. Rang Ghar was built during the reign of

(a) Paramatta Singha

(b) Gadadhar Singha

(c) Pratap Singha

(d) Shiva Singha

Assam Art & Culture General Knowledge

  1. Baikhu festival is celebrated by

(a) Karbis

(b) Bodos

(c) Rabhas

(d) Tiwas

2. Deodhani dance was originated in

(a) Assam

(b) Manipur

(c) Mizoram

(d) Meghalaya

3. Deodhani Dance is performed by

(a) Garos

(b) Bodos

(c) Deuris

(d) Karbis

4. Forkhanti Festival is celebrated by

(a) Misings

(b) Bodos

(c) Rabhas

(d) Tiwas

5. Wangala is the main festival of

(a) Garos

(b) Tiwas

(c) Rabhas

(d) Karbis

6. “Jonbeel Mela” is the main festival of which tribe?

(a) Rabhas

(b) Bodos

(c) Tiwas

(d) Karbis

7. Which is the first Assamese language magazine?

(a) Orunudoi

(b) Bahi

(c) Jonaki

(d) Amar Axom

8. Who compiled and published the first Assamese Dictionary in 1867?

(a) Miles Bronson

(b) Nathan Brown

(c) Oliver Cutter

(d) Jaduram Dekabaruah

9. Who was the author of “Assam Buranji”?

(a) Nathan Brown

(b) Atmaram Sharma

(c) Kashinath Tamuli Phukan

(d) William Robinson

10. Which one is the first assamese modern play?

(a) Jibonor Batot

(b) Ramnavami

(c) Ramdhenu

(d) All of these

11. Who was also known as “Upanyas Samrat”?

(a) Lakshimath Bezbaruah

(b) Padmanath Gohain Baruah

(c) Rajanikanta Bordoloi

(d) Saurav Kumar Chaliha

12. In which year “Hemkosh” was first published?

(a) 1886

(b) 1890

(c) 1900

(d) 1910

13. Who translated Bible into Assamese?

(a) Anandaram Baruah

(b) Atmaram Sarma

(c) Hemchandra Baruah

(d) Nathan Brown

Assam Geography General Knowledge:

  1. How much percentage of land of Assam has been occupied by forests?

(a) 34.21 —— (26,832 sq km)

(b) 20.6

(c) 22.4

(d) 17.2

2. Highest populated district of Assam at present?

(a) Barpeta

(b) Tinsukia

(c) Nagaon

(d) Morigaon

3. Lowest population density district of Assam is

(a) Dima Hasao

(b) Karbi Anglong

(c) Hailakandi

(d) Chirang

4. Total area of Kaziranga National Park

(a) 500 Km sq

(b) 430 Km sq

(c) 799.66 Km sq

(d) 468.55 Km sq

5. Kaziranga was declared a National Park in

(a) 1950

(b) 1970

(c) 1972

(d) 1974

6. Petroleum was discovered in Assam in the year

(a) 1889

(b) 1890

(c) 1980

(d) 1919

7. The Tropical Rain Forest in Assam is

(a) Dehing Patkai rainforest

(b) Burburi rainforest

(c) Bogibeel rainforest

(d) None of these

8. Areawise largest district in Assam is

(a) Karbi Anglong

(b) Sonitpur

(c) Nagaon

(d) Kokrajhar

9. In which year was the capital of Assam shifted from Shillong to Dispur?

(a) 1970

(b) 1971

(c) 1972

(d) 1973

10. Highest range in Assam is

(a) Barail

(b) Karbi

(c) Jaintia

(d) Patkai

Assam Polity/ Politics General Knowledge

  1. Who is the present Union Minister of Panchayati Raj?

(a) Gopinath Munde

(b) Nitin Gadkare

(c) Birender Singh

(d) Narendra Singh Tomar

2. In Assam Panchayat Election, what % of seats are reserved for women?

(a) 25%

(b) 33%

(c) 50%

(d) 67%

3. Assam’s State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD) is situated at

(a) Guwahati

(b) Jorhat

(c) Hailakandi

(d) Dibrugarh

4. In Assam, how many subjects are assigned to Panchayat?

(a) 19

(b) 21

(c) 23

(d) 27

5. Which of the following is not a member of Zilla Parishad?

(a) President of Gaon Panchayat

(b) Presidents of Anchalik Panchayats

(c) Members of Lok Sabha

(d) Members of Legislative Assembly

6. Which article of the Constitution of India has a special provision with respect to the state of Assam?

(a) Article 273

(b) Article 371

(c) Article 371B

(d) Article 300

7. What is the maximum strength of the Assam Legislative Assembly?

(a) 106

(b) 126

(c) 250

(d) 545

8. The 34th District of Assam declared in 2020 is

(a) Biswanath

(b) Charaideo

(c) Majuli

(d) Bajali

9. First Assam Legislative Council was created in which year?

(a) 1909

(b) 1911

(c) 1912

(d) 1913

10. When was the Bodoland Autonomous Council (BAC) created?

(a) 1985

(b) 1991

(c) 1993

(d) 2001

All the best!

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