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Ahom Kings and their Hindu Names

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Ahom Kings and their Hindu Names/Alternate Names: The Ahom Kings, often, would assume an Ahom name decided by the Ahom priests.

The name generally ended in pha (meaning ‘Lord’ in Tai), e.g. Sukapha. The later Ahom kings were seen adopting an alternative name; mostly an Hindu name that ended in Singha (meaning ‘Lion’ in Assamese) e.g., Sutamla assumed the name Jayadhwaj Singha.

This extensive list contains all the Ahom Kings along with their alternate names (Hindu names) along with other nicknames that were given to them on various occasions e.g., Sulikpha was given the nickname Lora Roja because he was very young when he was made a King. 

Ahom Kings and their Hindu Names

Ahom NameHindu Name
SudangphaBaamuni Konwar
Dihingia Roja I
SuklenmungGarhgayan Roja
SukhaamphaKhura Roja
SusenghphaPratap Singha
Burha Roja
SuramphaJayaditya Singha
Bhoga Roja
SutingphaNoriyaa Roja
SutamlaJayadhwaj Singha
Bhoganiya Roja
SupungmungChakradhwaj Singha
SunyatphaUdayaditya Singha
SuklamphaRamadhwaj Singha
SuhungSamaguria Roja
SujinphaArjun Konwar
Dihingia Roja II
SudoiphaParvatia Roja
SulikphaRatnadhwaj Singha
Lora Rojaa
SupaatphaGadadhar Singha
SukhrungphaRudra Singha
SutanphaSiva Singha
SunenphaPramatta Singha
SuremphaRajeswar Singha
SunyeophaLakshmi Singha
SuhitpangphaGaurinath Singha
SuklingphaKamaleswar Singha
SudingphaChandrakanta Singha

Below is the list of all the Ahom Kings with both Ahom name and alternative name or Hindu name. This list is very much important for all the competitive exams of Assam including APSC CCE, TET, Assam Police, ADRE, PNRD, DHS, etc. So, read and take notes of this list: 

1. Sudangpha 

  • Period: 1397–1407 
  • Capital: Charagua 
  • Alternative Name: Bamuni Kunwar

2. Suhungmung

  • Period: 1497–1539
  • Capital: Bakata
  • Alternative Name: Swarganarayan, Dihingia Roja I

3. Suklenmung

  • Period: 1539–1552 
  • Capital: Garhgaon 
  • Alternative Name: Garhgayan Roja

4. Sukhampha

  • Period: 1552–1603
  • Capital: Garhgaon
  • Alternative Name: Khora Roja

5. Susenghpha

  • Period: 1603–1641 
  • Capital: Garhgaon 
  • Alternative Name: Pratap Singha, Burha Roja, Buddhiswarganarayan

6. Surampha

  • Period: 1641–1644 
  • Capital: Garhgaon
  • Alternative Name: Jayaditya Singha, Bhoga Roja

7. Sutingpha

  • Period: 1644–1648 
  • Capital: Garhgaon
  • Alternative Name: Noriya Roja

8. Sutamla

  • Period: 1648–1663 
  • Capital: Garhgaon & Bakata 
  • Alternative Name: Jayadhwaj Singha, Bhoganiya Roja

9. Supangmung

  • Period: 1663–1670
  • Capital: Bakata/Garhgaon
  • Alternative Name: Chakradhwaj Singha

10. Sunyatpha

  • Period: 1670–1672 
  • Capital: Charaideo 
  • Alternative Name: Udayaditya Singha

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11. Suklampha

  • Period: 1672–1674
  • Capital: Garhgaon
  • Alternative Name: Ramdhwaj Singha

12. Suhung

  • Period: 1674–1675
  • Capital: Garhgaon 
  • Alternative Name: Samaguria Roja, Kamjang Konwar

13. Sujinpha

  • Period 1675-1677
  • Capital: Garhgaon
  • Alternative Name: Arjun Konwar, Dihingia Roja II

14. Sudoipha

  • Period: 1677–1679 
  • Capital: Garhgaon
  • Alternative Name: Parvatia Roja, Tej Singha

16. Sulikpha

  • Period: 1679–1681
  • Capital: Garhgaon
  • Alternative Name: Ratnadhwaj Singha, Lora Roja

17. Supatpha

  • Period: 1681–1696 
  • Capital: Borkhola
  • Alternative Name: Gadadhar Singha

18. Sukhrungpha

  • Period: 1696–1714
  • Capital: Rangpur
  • Alternative Name: Rudra Singha

19. Sutanpha

  • Period: 1714–1744
  • Capital: 
  • Alternative Name: Siva Singha

20. Sunenpha

  • Period: 1744–1751 
  • Capital: 
  • Alternative Name: Pramatta Singha

21. Surempha

  • Period: 1751–1769 
  • Capital: 
  • Alternative Name: Rajeswar Singha

22. Sunyeopha

  • Period: 1769–1780
  • Capital: 
  • Alternative Name: Lakshmi Singha

23. Suhitpangpha

  • Period: 1780–1795 
  • Capital: Jorhat 
  • Alternative Name: Gaurinath Singha

24. Suklingpha

  • Period: 1795–1811 
  • Capital: Jorhat 
  • Alternative Name: Kamaleswar Singha

25. Sudingpha

  • Period: 1811–1818 & 1819–1821 
  • Capital: Jorhat 
  • Alternative Name: Chandrakanta Singha

Disclaimer: We tried to keep this list as accurate as possible. However, if you find any error/mistakes is this ‘Ahom Kings and their Alternate Names’ list, please do let us know in the comment section so that we can correct it as soon as possible! Share it with your friends.

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