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Assam History MCQ for ADRE, Assam Police, APSC | General Knowledge

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Nestled in the Northeastern region of India, Assam is a state that is rich in history and culture. Throughout the past centuries of rise and falls of various kingdoms, Assam is a storehouse of almost 1600 years of rich cultural history.

In this post we have put together some important Assam History MCQ questions and answers to help you test and refresh your knowledge about Assam History.

Let’s get started!

Assam History MCQs

1. The Tamralipti in ancient times was famous as?

a) Capital
b) Sea-Port
c) Business Place
d) None of the above

Answer: b) Sea Port

2. Which Pala king built Sri-Durjaya as the capital on the bank of the Brahmaputra?

a) Ratnapala
b) Bhaskarvarman
c) Gopala
d) None of the above

Answer: a) Ratnapala

3. The Buranjis are ___? (APSC Prelims 2013)

a) Autobiographical writings Of the Ahom rulers
b) Diaries written by the monarchs
c) Chronicles
d) None of the above

Answers: c) Chronicles

4. Aniruddha was the grandson of _ ?

a) Brahma
b) Shiva
c) Sri Krishna
d) Bhim

Answer: c) Sri Krishna

5. One of the following books is the most important literary source for the study of early history of Assam, Which is the book? (APSC 2001)

a) Harsha Charita
b) Ramayan
c) Kalika Purana
d) Athashastra

Answer: c) Kalika Purana

6. During whose reign did Hiuen Tsang visit Assam? (APSC Prelims 2017)

a) Naranarayan
b) Bhaskar Varman
c) Brahmapala
d) Bala Varman

Answer:  b) Bhaskar Varman 

7. In which year did Hiuen Tsang visit Assam? (APSC Prelims 2017)

(a) 640 AD, during the reign of Bhaskarvarman
(b) 600 AD, during the reign of Pushyavarman
(c) 626 AD, during the reign of Bhutivarman
(d) None of the above

Answer: (a) 640 AD, during the reign of Bhaskarvarman

8. The earliest historical dynasty of Assam was that of the (APSC Prelims 2011)

(a) Palas
(b) Varmans
(c) Narakas
(d) Salastambhas

Answer: (b) Varmans

9. The Boghazkoi inscription was discovered in which country?

(a) India
(b) Iran
(c) Syria
(d) Turkey

Answer: (d) Turkey

10. During which period was the “Yogini Tantra” written? (APSC – 2016)

a) 14th Century
b) 11th Century
c) 10th Century
d) 5th Century

Answer: a) 14th Century  

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11. Which Chutia king built Sadiya?

a) Naranarayan
b) Prithu
c) Ratnadhwajpal
d) Bhaskar Varman

Answer: c) Ratnadhwajpal

12. Raghudeva was the son of?

a) Naranarayan
b) Gohain Kamal
c) Laskhi Narayan
d) Chilarai

Answer: d) Chilarai

13. The Kachari King to assume the title Pratap Narayan after defeating, the Ahoms was: (APSC CCE 2001)?

a) Indra Narayan
b) Yasho Narayan
c) Nirbhaya Narayan
d) Durlav Narayan

Answer: a) Indra Narayan

14. The Barbarua acted as

a) Chief Minister
b) Commander-in-chief
c) Chief executive officer of the Ahom Kingdom
d) Prime minister

Answer: c) Chief executive officer of the Ahom Kingdom

15. The Treaty of Yandaboo was signed in 1826 between …..(APSC Prelims 2000, 2013)

a) East India Company and Ahom king
b) East India Company and the Burmese
c) British king and the Ahom king
d) British king and the Ahom king

Answer: b) East India Company and the Burmese

16. In the Battle of Saraighat next to Lachit Borphukan was in the leadership of …. (APSC Prelims 2001)

a) Rajmantri Atanu Borgohain
b) Koliabhumora Borphukan
c) Miri Sandiloi
d) Manthir Bharali Barua

Answer: a) Rajmantri Atanu Borgohain

17. Which Ahom king had the shortest reign?

a) Samaguria Roja
b) Gobar Roja
c) Jogeswar Singha
d) Rudra Singha

Answer: a) Samaguria Roja( 21 days)

18. Who is the first ahom king to issue coins ?

a) Rudra Singha
b) Jayadhwaj Singha
c) Gadadhar Singha
d) Siv Singha

Answer: b) Jayadhwaj Singha

19. The title of overall administration head of lower Assam Region during the Ahom rule was _ (APSC Prelims 2000, 2013)

a) Borphukan
b) Rajkhowa
c) Barpatra Gohain
d) Khongea Barua

Answer: a) Borphukan

20. Which incident is also known as Assam’s Jallianwala Bagh incident?

a) Raijmel
b) Patharughat firing
c) Phulguri Dhowa
d) None of the above

Answer: b) Patharughat firing

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