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Assam History MCQ for ADRE, Assam Police, APSC | General Knowledge

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Assam History for ADRE, Assam Police

1. Which Ahom king created positions like Kotoki, Khaund, Bezbaruah, Doloi, etc?

a) Rudra Singha
b) Pratap Singha
c) Gadadhar Singha
d) Siva Singha

Answer: a) Rudra Singha

2. Temple of Joysagar was built by which Ahom king?

a) Gadadhar Singha
b) Rudra Singha
c) Rajeswar Singha
d) Siva Singha

Answer: b) Rudra Singha

3. The name of the Kamarupa ruler who left his seal at Nalanda university?

a) Bhutivarman
b) Gopala
c) Bhaskar Varman
d) Jaya Pala

Answer: c) Bhaskar Varman

4. The original language of the Chutiyas which is known as?

a) Sanskrit
b) Pali
c) Tibeto-burman language
d) Bengla

Answer: c) Tibeto-Burman language

5. Who killed Mura, the general of Narakasura?

a) Shiva
b) Sri Krishna
c) Bhagadatta
d) Banasur

Answer: b) Sri Krishna

6. One of the following books is the most important literary source for the study of early history of Assam. Which is the book? (APSC Prelims: 2001)

a) Harsha Charita
b) Ramayan
c) Kalika Purana
d) Athashastra

Answer: c) Kalika Purana

7. In Mahabharata the title Lord of the Mlechcha was given to whom ?

a) Brajadutta
b) Bhagadutta
c) Haradutta
d) Koch Behar

Answer: b) Bhagadutta

8. Sadhani was the last Queen of which Dynasty?

a) Ahom dynasty
b) Chutiya dynasty
c) Matak dynasty
d) Koch dynasty

Answer: b) Chutiya dynasty

9. The Dighali Pukhuri in Guwahati is associated with ?

a) Harjaravarman
b) Narakasura
c) Bhagadatta
d) Bhaskarvarman

Answer: c) Bhagadatta

10. In the Battle of Saraighat next to Lachit Borphukan was in the leadership of …. (APSC Prelims 2001)

a) Rajmantri Atanu Borgohain
b) Koliabhumora Borphukan
c) Miri Sandiloi
d) Manthir Bharali Barua

Answer: a) Rajmantri Atanu Borgohain

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11. The main weapons used by the Moamoria rebels were

a) Antiaircraft Gun
b) Bamboo Staves
c) Iron Sword
d) Steel Dagger

Answer: b) Bamboo Staves

12. Temple of joysagar was built by which Ahom king?

a) Gadadhar Singha
b) Rudra Singha
c) Rajeswar Singha
d) Siva Singha

Answer: b) Rudra Singha

13. Ibn Battuta, the celebrated traveler visited Assam in the _?(APSC Prelims 2000)

a) 13th century
b) 14th century
c) 15th century
d) 16th century

Answer: b) 14th century

14. Which Ahom king was popularly known as “Noriya Roja”?

a) Sutamla
b) Sujangphaa
c) Suhungmung
d) Sutingphaa

Answer: d) Sutingphaa

15. What was the real name of Chilarai?

a) Shukladwaj
b) Dharmadhwaj
c) Ratnadhwaj
d) None of the above

Answer: a) Shukladwaj

16. By what name are the burial mounds of Ahom royalty known ?

a) Smashan
b) Gandhi Mandap
c) Samadhisthal
d) Moidams

Answer: d) Moidams

17. Maidams are _? (APSC Prelims 2000)

a) Burials mounds of the Ahom Kings
b) Large fields
c) Temples
d) Enclosure for sporting activities

Answer: a) Burials mounds of the Ahom Kings

18. Chakarifeti Buranji was written by ?

a) Kaviraj Chakraborty
b) Atan Buragahain
c) Numali Borgohain
d) Bidyabagish

Answer: c) Numali Borgohain

19. Which Ahom king was popularly known as the “Puppet ruler”?

a) Jogeswar Singha
b) Sudingphaa
c) Purandar Singha
d) Badan Chandra Bophukan

Answer: a) Jogeswar Singha

20. The shape of the Ahom coin was?

a) Octagonal
b) Pentagonal
c) Sauare
d) Hexagonal

Answer: a) Octagonal

More Assam History GK MCQ Questions to be added soon along with pdf. Stay tuned!

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