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Assam History MCQ for ADRE, Assam Police, APSC | General Knowledge

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Assam History Questions & Answers

1. When did the Moamoria revolt for the second time ?

a) 1792
b) 1785
c) 1690
d) 1783

Answer: d) 1783

2. Which Ahom king also known as Bhaganiya Raja ?

a) Shiv Singha
b) Rajeswar Singha
c) Jayadhwaj Singha
d) Pratap Singha

Answer: c) Jayadhwaj Singha

3. Mlechchha dynasty was established by ?

a) Salasthamba
b) Pala
c) Varman
d) None of the above

Answer: a) Salasthamba

4. The tantric text “Yogini Tantra” is dedicated to the worship of two goddesses. One is kali and other one is?

a) Mahamaya
b) Kamakhya
c) Tara Devi
d) None of the above

Answer:  b) Kamakhya

5. Who is known as the father of Assamese prose literature ?

a) Sankardev
b) Bhattadeva
c) Anirudhdev
d) Madhavdev

Answer: b) Bhattadeva

6. Which city is called “The City of Eastern Astrology”?

a) Pragjyotishpur
b) Harupeswar
c) Sri Duriya
d) Tezpur

Answer: a) Pragjyotishpur

7. Why Sudangpha was called “Bamuni Raja”?

a) He loved Brahmins
b) He donated land to Brahmins
c) He was brought up in a Brahmin Family
d) He was a Brahmin

Answer: c) He was brought up in a Brahmin Family

8. The koch coins were known as

a) Taka
b) Narayani
c) Mudra
d) Sikka

Answer: b) Narayani

9. Who was the First king of Ahom kingdom in Assam ?

a) Purandar Singh
b) Rudra Singh
c) Suhungmung
d) Sukapha

Answer: d) Sukapha

10. In the Sanskrit inscription the name of Naranarayan is mentioned as?

a) Malladeva
b) Chilarai
c) Chilarai
d) None of the above

Answer: a) Malladeva

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11. Rukmini was the daughter of ?

a) Marichi
b) Narakasura
c) Bhagadatta
d) Bhishmaka

Answer: d) Bhishmaka

12. What is the name of the book that compares Bhaskaravarman with grandfather Bhishma?

a) Mahabharata
b) Harshacharita
c) Kalika Puran
d) Arthasastra

Answer: b) Harshacharita

13. Who is the father of Assamese Prose ? (APSC-2018)

a) Sankardeva
b) Ram Saraswati
c) Bhattadeva
d) Hiren Gohain

Answer: c) Bhattadeva

14. Which one of the following epics is considered as the highest source of the Prehistory period ofAssam? (APSC Prelims 2001)

a) Mahabharata
b) Harshacharita
c) Kalika Puran
d) Arthasastra

Answer: c) Kalika Puran

15. During which century did Kumar Bhaskarvarman rule in Assam?

a) 6th century
b) 9th century
c) 5th century
d) 12th century

Answer: a) 6th century

16. What is the ancient name of Cachar?

(a) Hidimba
(b) Sonitpur
(c) Hajo
(d) Kamrupa

Answer: (a) Hidimba

17. The earliest historical dynasty of Assam was that of the (APSC Prelims 2011)

(a) Palas
(b) Varmans
(c) Narakas
(d) Salastambhas

Answer: (b) Varmans

18. Which book of Hiuen Tsang mentions about Kamarupa?

a) Si-Yu-Ki
b) Buranji
c) Indica
d) History of Assam

Answer: a) Si-Yu-Ki

19. During which period was the “Yogini Tantra” written? (APSC – 2016)

a) 14th Century
b) 11th Century
c) 10th Century
d) 5th Century

20. The kamakhya Temple was rebuilt by which koch king?

a) Ratnapala
b) Gopala
c) Nara Narayana
d) None of the above

Answer: c) Nara Narayana

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