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Assam History Mock Quiz Test for Assam Direct Recruitment 2023 | Assam GK

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Assam History Mock Quiz Test for Assam Competitive Exams like ADRE, APSC, TET, DHS, APDCL, etc. Get the Assam Quiz GK MCQ Question and Answers for practice here at AssamGovJob.in

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The Assam State Government is going to conduct the Assam Direct Recruitment Written Examination for 32,000+ Grade III and Grade IV Posts very shortly.

This Quiz or MCQ Mock Test contains questions and answers which is specially designed to enable the students score good marks in the Assam Direct Recruitment Grade III and Grade IV Examination.

This test contains 30+ specially curated Assam History GK questions which will help the students to check their level of preparation for the upcoming exams.

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Attempt each question carefully. Each question has 4 Options and only one of them is correct! Although the answers are given along with the questions, try to attempt the questions on your own.

If you need more such questions or want us to cover certain topics, do let us know in the comments section. We will definitely provide you more Mock Test.

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Assam History Mock Quiz

1. The Battle of Saraighat was fought in the year

A) 1962

B) 1671

C) 1618

D) 1673

Answer: B) 1671

2. The Mughal general who occupied Gargaon was

A) Abu Bakr

B) Raja Ram Singh

C) Mir Jumla

D) Mirza Nathan

Answer: C) Mir Jumla

3. The Jaysagar Tank was excavated by

A) Gadadhar Singha

B) Rudra Singha

C) Siva Singha

D) Rajeswar Singha

Answer: B) Rudra Singha

4. To whom did Laluk Sola Barphukan surrender Guwahati?

A) Shaista Khan

B) Minnawar Khan

C) Prince Azamtara

D) Rajeshwar Singha

Answer: B) Minnawar Khan

5. Umananda Temple was built by

A) Gadadhar Singha

B) Rudra Singha

C) Siva Singha

D) Rajeswar Singha

Answer: A) Gadadhar Singha

6. Raghudeba was the son of

A) Naranarayan

B) Chilarai

C) Biswa Singha

D) Haria Mandal

Answer: B) Chilarai

7. Sankardeva’s popular work is

A) Katha Gita

B) Kirtan Ghosa

C) Bhakti Ratnawali

D) Katha Bhagavat

Answer: B) Kirtan Ghosa

8. Sadhini was the queen of the

A) Moran King

B) Kachari King

C) Ahom King

D) Chutia King

Answer: D) Chutia King

9. In Ramayana, it is stated that Amurtaraj founded the kingdom of

A) Koch Behar

B) Darrang

C) Chuita

D) Pragjyotisha

Answer: D) Pragjyotisha

10. What was the staple crop of ancient Assam?

A) Rice

B) Wheat

C) Corn

D) Barley

Answer: A) Rice

11. Dimapur was the capital of

A) Chutia Kings

B) Naga Kings

C) Kachari Kings

D) Koch Kings

Answer: C) Kachari Kings

12. Maibong was the capital of

A) Garos

B) Khasis

C) Ahoms

D) Kacharis

Answer: D) Kacharis

13. The usual shape of Koch coins were

A) Round

B) Square

C) Octagonal

D) Oval

Answer: A) Round

14. The title ‘Bor Raja was first given to

A) Phuleswari

B) Sarbeswari

C) Ambika

D) Mula Gabharu

Answer: A) Phuleswari

15. Who built the Dhodar Ali?

A) Rudra Singha

B) Siva Singha

C) Purandar Singha

D) Gadadhar Singha

Answer: D) Gadadhar Singha

16. The Ahom king who planned an invasion of Bengal was

A) Rudra Singha

B) Siva Singha

C) Suhungmung

D) Purandar Singha

Answer: A) Rudra Singha

17. Who invited the Burmese to Assam?

A) Maniram Dewan

B) Badan Chandra Barphukan

C) Piyoli Phukan

D) Laluk Sola

Answer: B) Badan Chandra Barphukan

18. Who composed ‘Hasti Vidyarnava?

A) Bhaskar Barman

B) Madhav DeV

C) Hari Dev

D) Sukumar Barkaith

Answer: D) Sukumar Barkaith

19. King Naranarayan reconstructed the temple of Kamakhya under the supervision of

A) Kalapahar

B) Megha Makdum

C) Gohain Kamal

D) Chilarai

Answer: D) Chilarai

20. By what popular name Sayed Shah Milan is known in Assam?

A) Nasiruddin

B) Jonab

C) Muhammad

D) Ajan Fakir

Answer: D) Ajan Fakir

21. The king of Kamrupa whose army annihilated the Muslim army under Bakhtiyar Khilji was

A) Rampala

B) Jaypala

C) Vaidyadeva

D) Prithu

Answer: D) Prithu

22. The royal symbol of the ancient king of Kamrupa was

A) Lion

B) Tiger

C) Horse

D) Elephant

Answer: D) Elephant

23. The first king of Varmana Dynasty was

A) Kalyavarman

B) Pusyavarman

C) Ganapativarman

D) Balavarman

Answer: B) Pusyavarman

24. Bharat Singha was the king of

A) The Morans

B) The Mataks

C) The Koches

D) The Kacharis

Answer: B) The Mataks

25. Sonitpur was the capital of

A) Narakasura

B) King Bana

C) Bhagadatta

D) Bhaskarvarman

Answer: B) King Bana

26. The title of ‘Kumara Raja was given to

A) Pusyavarman

B) Harshavardhan

C) Bhaskarvarman

D) Samudravarman

Answer: C) Bhaskarvarman

27. Hiuen Tsang visited Kamarupa during the reign of

A) Bhagadatta

B) Bhaskarvarman

C) Pusyavarman

D) Vanamalavarman

Answer: B) Bhaskarvarman

28. Who established the Koch Dynasty?

A) Naranarayan

B) Biswa Singha

C) Bali Narayan

D) Lakshinarayan

Answer: B) Biswa Singha

29. Which dynasty’s coins were also known as ‘Narayani’?

A) Kachari

B) Koch

C) Kamata

D) Chutia

Answer: B) Koch

30. Who was the first Assamese translator of the Ramayana?

A) Banabhatta

B) Ananta Kandali

C) Madhab Kandali

D) Ram Saraswati

Answer: C) Madhab Kandali

So, here are the 30 Questions on Assam History Mock Test Quiz. Do let us know if you want more such questions. All the Best!

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